I was born and bred in Athens. From a tender age, Art taught me to balance the sheer forces of regularity and became the means of understanding my surroundings. A communication manual and a tool of expression.

The cheap means of gameplay, water and soil, mud and color taught me to experiment, structure and abstraction. At first, they claimed and conquered my clothing and my shoes until they demanded and ruled over my mind, my notebooks and my walls (maybe some other people’s walls too).

I began my studies in 1999 in England where I lived for the following 5 years until I came back to Greece. I opened my first workshop here and I systematically started working on figurative painting. Abstract, explosively colored anthropomorphic figures dominated on every surface.

My figures composed a multicolor conclave in a continuous session about personal chimeras and my own protest against all sociopolitical matters.

This circle concluded with the “Contradictions” series. “Contradictions” referred to a body of work constituted by austere anthropomorphic creatures which were structured with exhausting- almost obsessive- diligence.

These creatures travelled to exhibitions around Greece and abroad until they retired, giving their place up for the next quest of mine. Experimentation led me to discover a new style of expression. I aimed to develop a new visual language, one that would be even more obscure and yet more expressive.

This meditative period led me to develop new techniques and explore the therapeutic aspects of Art. The creative process activates the inner functions which bring about the redefinition of the social identity concept.

This development led me to teaching and thus, from 2011 onwards I give drawing, painting and sculpting lessons to children and adults. My students brought back and have been keeping alive my need to continuously experiment with my work. The therapeutic energy of creativity became an inexhaustible force which triggered the creation of something new out of what has is old.

During that time, I focused on working the pieces which where left hidden in my studio. I cut, I broke, I glued on, I deducted and added, and sketched again and again on overworked paper, wooden surfaces and canvases for a 4-year period almost.

This is how the “Gestural wave” was brought to life. A wave of a private, esoteric expression. Full of motion and color. With memory being the driving force, the wave travelled through from the distant past to today. The chronicle of childish and delightful play with mud and color onto the walls, the clothes and shoes met with the structured practice and expression of adulthood.

Gestural wave became me, it became a vital force which urges me to experiment like a child, compose like an adult and dream like an artist.

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